Xbox Series X Turns Out to Have 8K Support

PS5 and Xbox Series X, two competing consoles expected to be released this year, have long been discussed. A new feature that’s certain to have an Xbox adds to the parts that answer the question of which console will be better.

It has already been announced that the Xbox Series X console will be released in 2020, which is already visible in terms of game consoles. Curiosity about what features the new Xbox will have, which is expected to be released later in the year, is growing.

Not indifferent to growing curiosity, Microsoftrecently provided exciting information about the Xbox Series X console. This new information makes it easy to speculate about what playing games with the new Xbox console will look like on the screen.

The news was given with a Twitter profile picture

Phil Spencer, microsoft’s vice president of gaming, replaced the profile picture of his Twitter account with a picture of the main processor of Xbox Series X. Normally, the features of a stand-alone hardware unit on consoles are not enough to create excitement in the target audience. However, this processor photo is a good enough ad to simply brag about the features of the new Xbox console.

The xbox series x codename “Project Scarlett” was embroidered on the processor in the photo, as well as the phrase’8K’ was the most striking detail of the photo. It seems that the purpose of setting the photo as a profile photo was to announce that the new Xbox Series X would support games with stunning 8K image quality.

What do we know about 8K?

The 8K image quality feature, which is considered a new feature yet, will be one of the features to consider when buying a new generation of television. An 8K television will provide an image quality with a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels. This means getting 16 times clearer, sharper and vivid images from high-resolution 1080p displays.

The fact that this image quality will be used on the new Xbox console will give gamers a much more comprehensive and detailed gaming experience. But of course, you’ll need an 8K-definition TV alongside the Xbox Series X console to take full advantage of the experience.

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