Users Can’t Give Up Windows 7 Operating System

It’s been more than 10 years since Windows 7 met with users. during this time, the operating system has managed to gain the love and trust of users. Users are not seeming to be able to give up the operating system that will receive the latest security update on January 14th.

Windows 7 remains popular more than 10 years after it was available to users. Many Windows 7 users don’t want to replace existing operating systems, which will soon be out of security updates, with new versions like Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Windows 7 users won’t leave Windows 7, even though they can switch to Windows 10 at no cost during Microsoft’s current campaign.

Stat Counter found that Windows 7’s prevalence in the market has declined and windows 10 operating system users are increasing. Given that the Windows 7 system is coming to an end of its life and Microsoft has given users plenty of encouragement to switch to new operating systems, this is not surprising.

Windows 7 still has some pretty loyal users:

Data obtained in December 2019 show that the Windows 7 operating system was used at 26.76% and Windows 10 was 65.4%. It is also evident in the data that Windows 7 users have begun switching to Windows 10, but some users seem to insist on not changing their operating systems before January 14, when Windows 7 will receive the latest security update.

The decline in Windows 7 has progressed slowly from month to month. Windows 7; 27.98% in October 2019, 27.49% in November and 26.76% in December. This means that the operating system usage rate decreased by only 12 months. This is a very interesting situation for an operating system that is about to expire.

Windows 8.1 can’t help but remove Windows 7 from the market because most users prefer the Windows 10 operating system. Windows 8.1; It was preferred in October 2019 at 5.07%, november at 4.98%, and december at 4.87%.

Of course, windows 7 is not expected to disappear overnight, but it is expected that the number of users will increase in the coming months. Windows 7 will receive the latest security update on January 14, but if we look at the new data that has emerged, the operating system will remain on the agenda for a while. Stay tuned to stay up to date.

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