Sensel Introduces A Product That Can Make Everything Touch

Set out with the mission of building touch technology that will empower users and revolutionize interaction with the digital world, Sensel has launched a product that can make everything touch-enabled at its new launch.

Today, television buttons, mobile phones, computers to space technologies, which has a place in a wide range of uses in the field of touch technology,continues to develop continuously. When we look around, we can say that it has become an integral part of our lives since we see a touch-enabled device in almost everyone’s hands.

Sensel’s new touch technology allows smartphone manufacturers to put responsive buttons almost anywhere they want. Given that experts recently considered the Huawei Mate 30 Pro’s sound buttons to be one of the device’s cons, Sensel’s idea doesn’t seem bad at all.

Mounted under the phone glass, this component, mounted under the phone window, is capable of restoring the missing functionality of the devices, thanks to a thin strip with about 25 sensors developed by the company. High-precision sensors can also distinguish pressure levels between 1 gram and 5 kilograms at each point of contact to the point of contact. This brings with it an astonishing degree of accuracy and the ability to recognize many touches.

The company is very ambitious in its product:

Sensel’s signaling that he’s going to be number one on sensitivity. According to the company, the sensors are fully able to know the user’s purpose and react accordingly. This means that the force is measured from the moment it starts, and it is immediately understood by the product whether the person is holding or deliberately pressing the phone.

Let’s add that the product developed by the company is compatible for many surfaces, including wood and leather. Considering the tables, seats and other furniture that are used frequently in everyday life or things like the steering wheel, the product is exciting in terms of the convenience it will provide. The first thing Sensel will do next is convince him to try this product, especially smartphone manufacturers.

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