Mozilla Releases Firefox 72, which contains many innovations

Mozilla officially released Firefox 72 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Features that come with Firefox 72 include Enhanced Tracking Protection, which blocks third-party cookies, by default.

Mozilla officially released Firefox 72. With the release of Firefox 72, Firefox 72 Beta is also accessible, while Firefox Nightly is the 74th firefox episode. has gone into version. So what big innovations await Firefox 72 users? Features of the new Firefox include a cookie blocker called “Enhanced Tracking Protection”. Enhanced Tracking Protection,previously used as an option by users, comes as the default setting with the new version.

Enhanced Tracking Protection blocks third-party cookies and users can avoid third-party cookies placed by some advertisers on various websites to track users. Enhanced Tracking Protection uses JavaScript to prevent third parties from requesting to review the capabilities of their devices. The feature also prevents information from being obtained through network requests.

Browser notifications are also hidden:

Another new feature is the hiding of browser notifications that have become rather annoying. Firefox 72 will show a small chat bubble in the browser’s address bar, instead of browser notifications that don’t close until it’s accepted. The user will be able to click on this bubble to see the notification.

In Firefox 71, the Picture-to-Picture API, available only to Windows users, has been made compatible with Mac and Linux with the new version. New version; fixes 11 vulnerabilities– five high, five medium and one low. Support for blocking photos from personal domains is being removed in this release due to its underutilization.

We’ll see what Firefox will do with these new changes, which have been increasing in popularity among browsers recently. As one of Chrome’s serious competitors, it’s conceivable that this browser could stand out with its long-term innovations.

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