Google Chrome to Support on Windows 7 by 2021

Microsoft will end its support for Windows 7 on January 14th. Now, however, there has been a development that will please windows 7 users. Google has announced that it will continue to support Chrome despite Microsoft’s decision. Google’s support will last until July 2021.

U.S.-based technology giant Microsoft has cut off its long-term support for its star operating system, Windows 7. Moreover, the discontinuation of Microsoft support for Windows 7 has also galvanised software companies, and developers have decided to discontinue support for Windows 7 of their software. However, despite the decisions, Windows 7 users do not want to give up the operating system.

Now there’s been a welcome development for Windows 7 users. The decision by Google, another US-based technology giant, suggests that Chrome, the world’s most popular internet browser, will continue to support Windows 7 for a long time. Google officials will continue to fully support Chromefor Windows 7 for another 18 months.

Chrome support for Windows 7 includes all the support of the software, according to Google’s announcements. This means that during the specified period, Windows 7 users will be able to use all the new Chrome features that Windows 10 users receive. By July 15, 2021, Google will also have terminated its support for Windows 7.

Google recommends that users and organizations switch to Windows 10. However, it seems that authorities are aware that users do not want to give up Windows 7, and with this decision, users will at least continue to have a safe internet experience. However, users should remember that they are vulnerable to security risks for Windows 7.

Microsoft officials have been warning about Windows 7 for a long time, saying users should switch to Windows 10 as soon as possible. However, users still see windows 7’s clean desktop appearance and performance as more than adequate, so they don’t want to quit Windows 7. Microsoft, however, will end its support for Windows 7 as of January 14th.

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