Gigabyte Unveils New SSD Similar to Video Card

Gigabyte introduces the Aorus RAID SSD, which resembles a graphics card with its design and is one of the fastest SSD models in the world with its performance. The four PCIe 3.0 512GB NVMe SSD card offers 6.3 GBps reading and 5.9 GBps typing speed.

Taiwan-based hardware manufacturer Gigabyte has come up with a new SSD that promises more than storage solutions. The company introduced gigabyte Aorus RAID SSD,a 2TB storage device with pcie 3.0 interface and similar to PCI Express graphics cards.

Gigabyte says the card, which comes with a five-year warranty, basically uses an enterprise-grade NVMe RAID controller with four PCIe 3.0 512GB NVMe SSDsrunning on RAID-0. The Gigabyte Aorus RAID SSD has a 6.3 GBps reading and 5.9 GBps write speed. The SSD is surprisingly fast and delivers superior performance as a system driver or storage space.

Storage chips take advantage of the 3D TLC architecture as expected and include Phison E12 controllers. This promises more sizes, higher performance, lower power consumption and more durable memory cells on a smaller scale. Gigabyte also offers a dedicated Aorus storage manager app and an SSD tool that allows users to change raid array.

Another alternative might be the OWC Accelsior 4M2 NVMe storage solution, available for up to 8TB capacity and starting at $520 (1TB). OWC also offers a five-year warranty, allowing users to put two of these drives into RAID-0 to provide up to 16TB of storage.

Gigabyte hasn’t announced the price of the product yet. Last year, the company introduced the world’s fastest and largest PCIe 4.0 SSD, the AORUS Gen 4 NVMe AIC 8TB. The SSD can reach speeds of up to 15,000 MB/s, overshadowing the 5GB/s typing speed of PCIe 4.0 SSDs.

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