Black Shark 3 Turns Out to Have 16GB of RAM

Xiaomi’s player smartphone series Black Shark is preparing to wow users with its new member. According to leaked information, Black Shark 3 will have 16GB of RAM and 5G connection support.

Certain phones, which stand out from their competitors with their RAM and memory capacities, have been introduced, but as it turns out, none of them have been able to offer users the Black Shark 3-high RAM option that Xiaomi will release. There are rumors that Black Shark 3, which is said to crush its competitors in the RAM field, will have 16GB of RAM.

If these claims are true, Black Shark 3 will be the highest RAM-capable device in the smartphone market so far. The future of the device, which players may particularly prefer with 5G support, is also among the allegations about Black Shark 3.

The resulting information and price estimate:

The information that led to the allegations came from a device with the SHARK KLE-AO model number, obtained from a Chinese certification site. The device in the records is expected to be introduced as Black Shark 3. Although leaks don’t provide much information about the phone, it provides really important and sufficient information. According to the records, the device will have 5G connection support and also the title of the first 16GB RAM smartphone.

Leakinformation shared by a Chinese forecaster contains some details about these striking features as well as the price of the device. The person who made the predictions claims that the device’s arrival with a new device such as 5G, as well as high RAM, will lead to a high price. If this is the case, the company may also have to release a 5G-free version of the model in the future.

What to expect about other features of the device?

We don’t know about the other features of the device yet, but given the features that the previous model of the series, Black Shark 2, offers users, we can make some predictions. The Black Shark 2 features a 6.39-inch FHD display and a Snapdragon 855 processor. Accordingly, we can expect the Black Shark 3 to have a higher resolution and a stronger processor than its size, but of course we’ll have to wait a little longer for more detailed and formal information.

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