7 New Features For Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge

The new Chromium-based Edge browser, which Microsoft has been working on for a long time, received its first update of the year. The first update of 2020, which came to the developer version of the browser, brought 7 new features.

Microsoft released the first update of the year for the Edge Giant version and upgraded the browser to version 81. Microsoft has announced that it has improved bookmarks synchronization in Canary and Giant versions, and offers 7 new features on all desktop platforms that support Edge Giant 81.0.381.0.

Microsoft says it’s adding a new dialog box to tell users that data can be synced, and because Edge is now an cross-platform browser, the feature is useful across different devices. The CTRL+SHIFT+U keyboard shortcut was also added to start Read Aloud in the browser, and at the same time, the option to paste multiple items into Collections has been added.

There are also some improvements for business, and from the release of 81, Microsoft Edge introduces a management policy that disables Microsoft Search for Business. The browser now includes a Chromium management policy that disables online payment APIs on web pages. Microsoft also says it offers a new option to enable faster installation of certain URLs.

If a web page cannot be found at the address entered in the browser, the company added a feature to Chromium-based Edge that suggests URLs similar to the address written. From this update, Guided Switch also recommends enabling a personal profile when clicking on links that are not tagged as work or school resources.

In addition, the new version contains many fixes, including crashes that occur while synchronising favorites, cleaning scan data, or retrieving data from other browsers. Microsoft is expected to release a stable version of Chromium-based Edge on January 15th.

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